“The insurance companies were offering me next to nothing and no one was giving me any answers to what was to become of me now that I had this debilitating injury. Then I found Kevin Lucey.” – J.W. PORTLAND

“I want to thank Kevin Lucey for all he did for me. He did just as he said he would in helping me with my personal injury and diminution of value cases. If I am in need of an attorney again, Kevin Lucey will be the one I call. I would recommend Kevin Lucey to anyone who needs an attorney.” – A.C. VANCOUVER

“I have no experience with legal matters and Kevin was there as a voice of reason and experience through the process of receiving a fair and equitable outcome to my claim against the company whose truck hit me. I highly recommend Kevin to you as an honest, forthright, decent, and compassionate lawyer. His guidance was indispensable in the successful outcome to my claim. I would recommend anyone in my family to Kevin’s services. Listen to him and do what he asks and you can expect the best possible outcome to the strange and confusing world of litigation. I do not say this often about anyone but you can trust Kevin Lucey and the job he will do for you as your advocate.

If there is any question as to whether you need a lawyer, ask yourself if you are dealing with insurance companies (even your own insurance company). If the answer is yes, then you should talk to Kevin right away. Waiting only makes his job harder.” – J.W. PORTLAND

“With less than two months left to go on probation, my P.O. tried to give me a sanction for not completing community service, which I had done months before. Kevin Lucey gathered all of the information necessary to prove my innocence to the court and won my case. It was amazing to see a master at work, and the feeling I had walking out of the courtroom was truly unforgettable. I am so thankful for hiring Kevin Lucey to represent me and would recommend his services to anyone!” – C.R. PORTLAND