Personal Injury

Personal Injury covers a broad spectrum of injuries. Whether you are injured in a car or truck, on a boat, bicycle or motorcycle, or even walking, the insurance company is unlikely to offer to fully compensate you for your injuries – unless you have a lawyer.

I believe that in all but the smallest cases you will receive more compensation – even after deducting the attorney fee – if you use an attorney. I will help you to properly present your claim and to negotiate the best possible settlement. If need be, we will file suit in order to obtain adequate compensation for you.


Types of Cases


I have twenty years of experience representing people injured in a wide variety of auto accidents.  Some are two car accidents but others are multiple car accidents.  Some people have broken bones, herniated discs or other serious injury but most suffer from what used to be called whiplash and now is more commonly referred to as “soft tissue injury.”

These injuries are strains and sprains of the the muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Although some of these injuries heal in a few months, other soft-tissue injuries can take years to heal and greatly interfere with the person’s daily activities and enjoyment.  One’s compensation will generally increase with the negative effects on one’s life.


Although there are some bicycle specific rules of the road, for the main part bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as car drivers.  Here is a handy list of Oregon bicycle laws:

I have successfully represented bicyclists injured when rear-ended by a car, having had a car pull out right in front of them, hit on the side by a car going through a red-light, hit on the side by a car entering the roadway, hit by a car entering an intersection after stopping and being hit by a car that pulled in front of the bicyclist after blowing through a stop sign.  All these accident were caused at least in part by the drivers’ failure to look for and see the bicyclist.  Many times the drivers committed a second infraction as well.


As you know, motorcycles can be difficult to see, especially if a driver is not looking for them.  If you have been injured while riding a motorcycle due to the fault of another, please contact me.